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5G and Health 

If you weren’t able to join us at the BSEM’s 5G and Health Conference, you can now watch the presentations from International Experts:
Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe, Professor Martin Pall, Dr Dimitris J. Panagopoulos, Professor Lennart Hardell, Christian Blank, Dr Peter Ohnsorge

We discuss the potential dangers of 5G and a radio frequency radiation and present findings about how RFR causes carcinogenic, reproductive and neurological effects. In the afternoon we look at ways to reduce personal exposure and to care for those most vulnerable including those with Electro-hypersensitivity.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can:
Damage your brain
Give you cancer
Make you infertile
Cause arrhythmias
Damage nature and wildlife, making climate change even worse

We have known since 1932 that radio frequency radiation can give you symptoms. Each upgrade of the mobile phone network –GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G –increases the field density that surrounds us by about an order of magnitude. And each year brings more and more evidence of the cell disruption and damage that EMFs can cause.

But 5G takes it to another level; there will be transmitters on lamp-posts in the street, thousands of mini-satellites in the sky courtesy of Elon Musk and others, and no safe space for any of us.

5G and Health 

That is why Brussels, Rome and Geneva have all suspended the roll-out of 5G. But you don’t hear anything about that on the UK news. Hear what the international experts have to say…
All speakers claimed expenses only and do not make any profits from the sale of their videos

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