Genres: Documentary
Duration: 1 hour 26 minutes
Availability: Worldwide

Written and directed by Trevor Meier
Original score by Brent Belke  

 A New Economy 

What if working together for the good of all was the most common business model? Watch as several organizations strive towards building a more cooperative future. By putting humanity before the bottom line, they are finding their place in a new economy no longer dominated by profits and big business.

This documentary features commentary by Gar Alperovitz (co-founder of the Democracy Collaborative and co-chair of its Next System Project); Richard Sennett (whose background is in ethnography, history and social theory), and John Fullerton (author of Regenerative Capitalism: How Universal Principles and Patterns Will Shape the New Economy)

A New Economy features six cooperatively owned businesses, markets and social enterprises, urban farms and open value networks using commons-based production methodologies.

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