Genres: Action + Adventure, Documentary
Duration: 1 hour 1 minute
Subtitles: 5 languages + Show
Availability: Worldwide

Agua Negra

‘A Spearfishing Adventure across Cape Verde’.  After losing a close friend while free-diving, David dives in an journey into the unknown. What starts as a search for the roots of spearfishing soon turns into a life changing adventure.

‘Agua Negra’ came from the heart and mind of two best friends that decided to change things a bit, both in and out of the water. These two friends decided to go somewhere they’ve never been before and take a camera along for the ride.

“I loved it! So much better than anything else out there. Best spearfishing documentary I’ve seen! Really captures the physical and emotional ups and downs of a spearo in search of his dream fish and the relationships forged along the way.”
— BRANDON WAHLERS – US National Champion, 3 Times Spearfishing World Record Holder

“Agua Negra captures the soul of our sport, our relationship with the ocean, other divers, and the spirit of adventure that can’t be grasped in sixty seconds on social media.”
— CAMERON KIRKCONNELL, 13 Times Spearfishing World Record Holder

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