Genres: Art, Documentary
1 hour 12 minutes
Director: Nili Portugali
Cinematography: Boaz Yehonatan Yaakov / Ofer Inov
Subtitles: English

And the Alley She Whitewashed in Light Blue

At a time of existential threat to the physical and human environment, Architect Portugali takes us into an intimate journey that unfolds to a discovery of universal insights from her holistic, Buddhist and scientific point of view. Is there a secret to the timeless places in which man feels at home? If so, what is that “pure art of making” that creates them?  And the Alley She Whitewashed in Light Blue is a film crossing new boundaries – straddling the line between art and cinema.  The film reconstructs the childhood memories engraved on each stone of the holy city’s history of Tsefat.

“Beauty is such a powerful emotion and your film is an exquisite soliloquy on the poetics of architecture. One of the more moving films I have ever watched quite frankly…An elixir of faith in these troubled times. What a gift. The quality of your story beautifully reflected the remembered spiritual quality of this amazing town in Israel. Your architecture is memorable and eternal and this film is born of the same creative genius.” ~ Donald H. Ruggles (Architect, published Author,USA)

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World Premiered at the Mumbai International Film festival and screened at worldwide festivals


Nili Portugali is a well-known Practicing Architect; senior lecturer; researcher; published author; and film director. She is a seventh generation descendant of a family living in the holly ‘Kabbala’ city of Tsefat. The film is her third of a Creative TRILOGY following the world-renown buildings she designed and the published books she wrote.

Guest lecturer: MIT; Harvard; Oxford; Tsinghua;
Exhibition: Venice Biennale; San Paolo Biennale; Barcelona Biennale
Graduated: AA School of Architecture London PostG: Architecture & Buddhism U.C Berkeley USA.
Her book: The Act of Creation and The Spirit of A Place: A Holistic-Phenomenological Approach to Architecture, listed book of the year by the R.I.B.A London.

Portugali’s multidisciplinary work focuses on both practice and theory, and is tightly connected to the Holistic – Phenomenological school of thought in convergence with the fundamentals of Buddhist philosophy, two worlds to which her work is associated and which underly the essence of the film.

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