Genres: Documentary
Duration: 1 hour 12 minutes
Availability: Worldwide

 Angel Azule

Angel Azul explores how Jason deCaires Taylor combines creativity with an important environmental solution; the creation of artificial coral reefs from statues he’s cast from live models. These underwater installations help restore equilibrium to deteriorating marine ecosystems.

The underwater art galleries are populated with statues cast from the forms of real people engaging in everyday activities, made from carefully selected materials that encourage marine habitation. The works are made in Taylor’s studio, then installed carefully underwater and anchored to the seafloor.

Experts in the film provide the facts about the perilous situation coral reefs currently face and solutions necessary to save them. Peter Coyote generously provides insightful narration that leaves viewers pondering our connection to this valuable and beautiful ecosystem.

After graduating with a degree in sculpture from the London Institute of Arts, Taylor went on to become a fully qualified diving instructor and underwater naturalist. Find out more about the artist and his work at:

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