Interested in how to find the common ground and embrace diversity within your community?

Engage your friends, groups, communities and colleagues with world-changing documentaries!

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The Art of Hosting Film Webinar from Films for the Planet on Vimeo.

Special Thanks to the Charter for Compassion for Hosting this conversation


Webinar Resources

Charter for Compassion – Compassionate Communities Overview
Charter for Compassion – Compassionate City Toolbox
In other words, The Charter invites communities of all sizes to bring compassion to life in practical, specific ways through compassion-driven actions—in neighborhoods, businesses, schools and colleges, healthcare, the arts, local government, peace groups, environmental advocacy groups, and faith congregations.


Free Trip to Egypt the Movie
Most importantly, Watch the trailer. Sign up to host a screening!  Free Trip to Egypt’s amazing support team will walk you through the process.


Where and How the Compassion Movement Gathers: Creating Sacred Space in Local Communities
This course offers profound yet simple, small and large group models of coming together to generate both inner resources and trust. The spiritual and social capital — necessary for collaboration and collective leadership. Moreover, The word sacred indicates that which we hold dear in terms of human meaning and values. And the linguistic bridge needed to reunite us as humanity – and to our humanity – so that we can feel empowered by our unity in diversity.  And also Take away a step-by-step practical guide of contemplative activism full of models and practices, in secular language. That help us more deeply connect with ourselves and each other. Join us in drawing upon secular, humanistic and wisdom traditions to nurture the human heart and build a social architecture for compassionate cities.

Art of Hosting Film Webinar

Sacred Space
Sacred Space is a network of secular and interfaith gatherings whose mission is to cultivate compassion in local communities through reflective practices and contemplative activism so that all beings can thrive.
Teresa Cowen Jones:


Center for Courage and Renewal 
Center for Courage and Renewal Circle of Trust Approach
The Circle of Trust® approach is distinguished by principles and practices intended to create a process of shared exploration—in retreats, programs and other settings—where people can find safe space to nurture personal and professional integrity and the courage to act on it. In the hands of a knowledgeable and skilled facilitator, this approach has the power to transform individuals, families, workplaces and communities.


How We Gather
How We Gather maps the emerging landscape of Millennial communities that are fulfilling the functions that religious congregations used to fill. Grounded in six recurring themes – community, personal transformation, social transformation, purpose-finding, creativity, and accountability – this report has been called the most important non-theological text being read in seminaries today.

The Dinner Party
Circle work
Community Weavers


Rekindling Human Contact for the Digital Age – NYT
The Challenge of Conversations that Matter
The Shift from Mass Protests to People’s Assemblies

Priya Parker: How Can We Create More Meaning In Our Gatherings?
BOOK: The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters
Related TED Talk: How To Disagree Productively And Find Common Ground
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