Documentary | Family | Adventure
Duration: 90 minutes
Renata Heinen. Rolf Winters
Writer. Rolf Winters
Score: BAFTA & Oscar-winning composer Stephen Warbeck.

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Leaving behind their cosmopolitan life, a couple and their three young children travel the world searching for a new perspective on life. During their five-year journey they live with some of the oldest indigenous communities on the planet. They record their encounters with the elders tribal sages never filmed or interviewed before. Without a crew or schedule, just one backpack and one camera each. And the curiosity to listen.

DOWN to EARTH is a mirror to humanity, a poignant and timely reflection on our ‘civilized’ world. The film invites us to see the world through the eyes of the Earth Keepers. It takes us on an inner journey, re-connecting us with the source and the mutual path we are walking. Having lived under the radar of our modern society for centuries, the Earth Keepers see that now is the time to step forward and share their insights with those who are ready to listen. DOWN to EARTH is both a wake up call and a resurgence of hope for our world to come.

You can ‘Pay As You Like’ for the film. Contribute HERE to help share the Wisdom of the Earth Keepers and support the film’s impact activities. This way as many people as possible can watch the film, without money being a threshold. Thank you for your support and we invite you to start your own initiative of People-Powered Change.

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