echoes creation

Genres: Art, Music
Duration: 40 minutes
Availability: Worldwide

Echoes of Creation

“Echoes of Creation” is a unique Nature Immersion Experience that allows you to feel nature, rather than think about it and hear its wisdom, rather than talk about it. Immerse yourself into the pristine beauty of Alaska, lush rainforests of Washington and ancient sequoias of California. IMPORTANT – For Optimal Viewing: Prepare yourself for a 40 minute ride through nature’s beauty. View without interruption, seated comfortably, full screen, and with quality headphones or speakers.

Emmy Award® winning director Jan Nickman combines a brilliant soundtrack by Grammy® nominated composer David Arkenstone with evocative spoken words by Karen Hutton to create a Nature Immersion Experience you will want to take again and again. Multiple viewing options are available on BR/DVD version at

“A visual feast of natural wonders to tell the story that we cannot reach that sense of the sacred through our intellect, but that our contact with nature helps us find it over and over in countless, awe-inspiring ways.”

– Annika Hurwitt Schahn, Ph.D,
President and Founder of Center For Optimal Living

“The film is just breathtaking. I don’t usually buy movies, but will be getting this series and watching them over and over. So, please keep making them.”
– Ms. Charlie McCurdy

“I have just finished watching a movie entitled Echoes of Creation. It left me mesmerized… Goosebumps, tears and awe were encapsulated in a one hour film”.
– Tim Hale, Public Television Viewer

Studies show observing nature boosts the immune system, speeds recovery from illness, lowers blood pressure, alleviates depression/anxiety and improve work and study performance. As Barry Bittman, Neurologist and Researcher stated, Nature Immersion films are ” a visual and musical celebration of our cherished natural environment… that progressively evolve into a transcendent healing experience.”

Nature Immersion Films deliver a nature experience to those who are unable to immerse directly due to illness, disability, time, distance, or cost. Whether utilized in homes, hospitals, recovery centers, schools, or the workplace, a Nature Immersion film has been shown to provide:

– “An inspiringly beautiful, multimedia meditation.”
– “A glimpse of what it means to be at one with the inter-connected whole.”
– “A reason to want to stay ‘in the now’ and even for some, a reason to live.”

Professional reviews indicate:

– “Extraordinarily calming.” (MD)
– “Re-balancing and healing.” (Ph.D)
– “A healing experience.” (MD)

Critics agree:

“Jan Nickman has created films to be replayed like music… They pull the viewer into what seems like secret corners of the universe.”
– People Magazine

“Hypnotic, everyone who sees it gets hooked, as I did.” (The Mind’s Eye)
– Leonard Maltin, Entertainment Tonight

“A mesmerizing journey” (Infinity’s Child)
– Don Liebenson, Chicago Tribune


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