Movie Poster for Ecology Action 2 Week Farmers Course
GenresDocumentary, Instructional
Duration9 hours 1 minute

“Ecology Action: 2 Week Farmers Course”

In January 2014, dozens of people converged at Ecology Action in Willits, California for a special two-week Farmers Course. Twelve different experts with over 250 years of combined experience presented in a variety of topics essential for sustainable farming. Dozens of presentations were captured so this knowledge could be available as educational videos. These videos are offered as part of Ecology Action’s mission to train people worldwide to better feed themselves while conserving resources.

Training for leaders empower change within communities. With education and training, communities experiencing malnutrition and hidden hunger can grow their own Life Gardens: organic gardens dense with highly-nutritious crops and medicinal plants. “Ecology Action: 2 Week Farmers Course” – Life Gardens grow healthy food year-round — and allow members to generate income by selling the surplus. With knowledge, training, simple tools, and starter seeds, people who can’t afford to buy healthy food can grow their own Life Gardens.

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