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Genres: Documentary, Travel
Duration: 49 minutes
Availability: Worldwide

 Ecovillage Pioneers 

Take a journey following the pioneers of low impact living as a young mother journeys through Australia, Spain, the UK, and Ireland, in search of a more sustainable way of life.

Independent film-maker Helen iles explores community living at Crystal Waters permaculture village in Australia, appropriate technology at Sunseed in Spain, and spiritual connection with the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. She visits Ireland’s first ecovillage and meets the Tinkers Bubble and Kings Hill communities in Somerset.

Tony Wrench of Wales had a natural building that radically challenged and altered the government’s policy on low impact housing. This paved the way for Lammas – the UK’s first planned ecovillage, on brilliant display in this film.

Join her for these explorations of ecovillages and more in Ecovillage Pioneers!

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