Genre: Documentary, Short Film
Duration: 8:42 minutes
Available : Worldwide
Directed and Written by:
Jordan Osmond & Antoinette Wilson
Produced by: Antoinette Wilson
Cinematography by: Jordan Osmond  


Family Living Zero Waste

Family Living Zero Waste is the inspiring story of a waste free family in Hobart, Australia. Lauren, Oberon Carter, and their kids have found ways to produce almost no rubbish – they’ve only filled one small jar of waste in two years!

In 2015, the Carter family undertook a 2 week challenge to live without creating landfill or recycling waste. They found it was much easier than expected, and they’ve made no landfill or recycling waste since. In 2019 they wrote a book about their experience, ‘A Family Guide to Waste-Free Living’  (published by Plum/PanMacmillan), containing family recipes and a basic blueprint for waste-free family life. As permaculture designers and teachers, Lauren and Oberon offer a Zero-Waste Families E-Course, workshops in permaculture and celebrating our natural environment, as well as a design and mentoring service. They also give talks for schools, community groups, businesses and festivals, and provide waste free audits for small businesses.


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“Spirals exist in nature and in ancient cultures and traditions all over the world. They represent birth, growth, change and expansion, new knowledge, seasons and cycles – life!  And gardens are places we cultivate for nourishment, clean air, biodiversity and beauty. In short, we’re cultivating a life here that sees us grow, change, learn and leave things better than we found them.”

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