Genres: Documentary
Duration: 54 minutes
Availability: Worldwide

Future Dreaming 

Future Dreaming is a remarkable documentary that will challenge the way you think about humanity. The film explores the narratives that drive our economic, social and political thinking and offers a new way of understanding the Human Condition.

Future Dreaming: A Blueprint of Change – introduces a set of principles to shift humanity from a paradigm of scarcity and self-interest, to one of abundance and collaboration. Rather than seeing ourselves as separate, we begin to see ourselves as covalently bonded to the world around us. Making decisions and formulating action that takes into account ALL of the energy in the eco-system.

Dr David E Martin has taught these principles around the world, in major corporations, universities, government, NGOs, grassroots organisations and indigenous communities. Dr David E. Martin is an extraordinary intellect and speaker, with a deep insight into the past, present and future of mankind. It is David’s gift to the planet, a practical blueprint of how to transform humanity from a sleeping state to Awakening.

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David discusses Future Dreaming
The Awakening (innovation)
Future Dreaming: A Blueprint of Change 


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