Genres: Documentary
Duration: 1 hour 27 minutes
Subtitles: 9 languages + Show
Availability: Worldwide

Written, Directed and Edited by
Mathieu Le Lay

Paul Zizka
Meghan Ward
Mistaya Zizka
Jesse Milner
Emma Freeman
Takeshi Tani

Mathieu Le Lay

Additional Cinematography
Benjamin Dowie

Paul Zizka

Original Soundtrack
Franck Zaragoza

Sound Design
Laurent Mollard

Assistant Designer
Larisa Oltean

Technical Means
L’Atelier Plani
The Beach Audio Productions
Studio Gaïné

Ball Watch
Canon France
Mountain Hardwear
Tasermiut South Greenland Expeditions
Visit Greenland
Wilson Mountain Sports

A Coproduction
Camera Lucida
Mathieu Le Lay Productions
Ushuaïa TV

Camera Lucida

Executive Producer
François Bertrand

Valérie Grenon

Production Manager
Alison Genet

Associate Producer
Silvia Alba

Coordinating Producers
Céline Delaunay
Aymeric Isnard
Anthony Donato
Stéphanie Garcia

Editorial Assistant & Communication
Lio Guidoni

Ushuaïa TV

Executive Manager
Christophe Sommet

In charge of Acquisitions and Documentary Productions
Annabel Gain

CPB International

With the participation of
Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée

Le Fonds d’Aide au Cinéma de Montagne est une association qui soutient la création de films, grâce à ses partenaires.


During the darkest hours of the night, while the rest of the world is sleeping, outdoor photographer Paul Zizka ventures out into the wilderness in search of the world’s starriest skies. His journey to photograph the celestial wonders takes him from his home amongst the peaks of the Canadian Rockies to the wild, desert dunes of Namibia and remote ice caps of Greenland. Ever the adventurer, he must balance his work and passion for photography with his equal devotion as a family man. In the Starlight is an intimate portrayal of Paul’s quest to capture the night skies, and what his time spent under the stars has taught him about life, love, adventure, and our place in the universe.

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