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Kiss the Ground

Narrated and featuring Woody Harrelson, Kiss the Ground is an inspiring and groundbreaking film that reveals the first viable solution to our climate crisis.

Kiss the Ground reveals that, by regenerating the world’s soils, we can completely and rapidly stabilize Earth’s climate, restore lost ecosystems, and create abundant food supplies. Using compelling graphics and visuals, along with striking NASA and NOAA footage, the film artfully illustrates how, by drawing down atmospheric carbon, the soil is the missing piece of the climate puzzle.

This movie is positioned to catalyze a movement to accomplish the impossible – to solve humanity’s greatest challenge, to balance the climate, and secure our species’ future.


Since its official release in 2020, the documentary “Kiss the Ground” has played a pivotal role in raising global awareness about regenerative agriculture, an emerging yet critical concept in  and ecosystem restoration.

Despite the growing interest in regenerative agriculture, a recent study by the Kiss the Ground organization, reveals that only 4% of US adults fully grasp its significance. This statistic underscores a substantial gap in public understanding, highlighting the need for continued education and outreach. Fortunately, the term “regenerative agriculture” has seen a rapid increase in recognition, suggesting a potential surge in awareness and adoption of these practices.

“Kiss the Ground” has been instrumental in bridging this awareness gap. By leveraging Netflix’s extensive reach, the film introduced millions of viewers worldwide to the concept of regenerative agriculture. Its impact is rooted in compelling storytelling, utilizing powerful visuals and engaging narratives. The documentary features inspiring accounts of farmers and ranchers who have shifted to regenerative methods, effectively illustrating the practical and positive impacts of these practices on the planet and human health.

A significant focus of the film is the crucial role of healthy soil in combating environmental challenges. It educates viewers on the intricate soil ecosystem and how regenerative practices like cover cropping, minimal tillage, and compost application can enhance soil fertility and aid in carbon sequestration. More than just raising awareness, “Kiss the Ground” also empowers viewers to act. It encourages support for regenerative farmers, advocacy for policy changes, and the adoption of regenerative practices at individual and community levels.

In terms of catalyzing a movement, “Kiss the Ground” contributes significantly to the global movement for soil health, planetary health and environmental stewardship.


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