Genres: Documentary
Duration: 1 hour 16 minutes
Availability: Worldwide
Subtitles: 5 languages + Show
Filmmaker: Sylvie Rokab

Love Thy Nature 

Narrated by Liam Neeson, Love Thy Nature points to how deeply we’ve lost touch with nature – and takes us on a mesmerizing cinematic journey through the beauty and intimacy of our relationship with the natural world.

Neeson is the voice of “Sapiens” (our collective humankind) who, in the past few hundred years, has come to believe that we have transcended nature. Yet, experts uncover how a new era of nature-connection might soon be dawning: “Biomimicry” scientists look to the natural world for the most brilliant inventions, social ecologists unveil how nature restores communities, and doctors are finding new ways in which nature heals the body, mind, and brain.

The winner of 27 awards, Love Thy Nature soothes our urban angst with the dazzling spectacles of our world, showing that a renewed connection with nature is critical to our personal health and the health of our planet. And Sapiens’ journey reveals how a relationship with nature ignites a sense of meaning and wonder so profound that it touches us at the very core of what it means to be human.

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“Love Thy Nature will light up your neurons, change your breathing, and deeply connect you to those you’re with. The story will stay with you for a long time, because it’s yours.”
Wallace J Nichols, PhD ~ NY Times Bestselling Author

“Breathtaking… Enthralling! It will replenish your hope in mankind and nature. A must see for everyone young and old!”
Avi Offer – Rotten Tomatoes critic

“Love Thy Nature is an urgent but stunningly beautiful meditation on our connections to the natural world… Everyone should see this profound, timely, and extraordinary film.”
Joel Reynolds – NRDC, Natural Resources Defense Council

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