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A Quest for Meaning – the Movie

If you haven’t seen "A Quest For Meaning" now is your chance! Watch for FREE on Films for the Planet, January 20 -31, and February 24 - March 2. This documentary film recounts the life-changing journey undertaken by two childhood friends gone to question the workings of the world, our relationship with nature and the meaning of life. This inspiring film connects personal growth and social change. The program will include pathways for involvement as well as an interview with film director Marc de La Ménardière and Satish Kumar — activist, writer, philosopher, editor of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine, and former director of the Schumacher College International Centre for Ecological Studies. Click here for free viewing details.

“Sacred Earth” Nature Immersion Films for 7 Days of Rest Global Event

Join individuals and communities around the world to co-create a coherent field of rest, deep listening and benevolent actions during 7 Days of Rest, January 1- 7. Films for the Planet has joined with Sacred Earth Pictures to feature FREE viewings of “Sacred Earth” and “Echoes of Creation” as seen on Public Television by Emmy Award® winning director Jan Nickman. This mesmerizing visual and musical celebration of our cherished natural environment effortlessly becomes a deeply contemplative and regenerative experience. Click here to access FREE viewing information through February 28.

PEACE RISING: World Peace & Global Unity Streaming Film Series

The six films featured in this series inspire bridge building through cross-cultural understanding while helping individuals and communities move toward an increased global coherence that amplifies our collective capacity for global good. The series originally streamed during Peace Month and included Hollywood’s “Green Producer," Greg Reitman's award-winning documentary ROOTED in PEACE which coincided with the films theatrical release in over 80 U.S. cities on Int'l. Day of Peace. The common ideals shared in these films create an exceptional viewing experience that is especially relevant for our time.

Earth Week 2017 Streaming Documentary Series

This year’s action-packed Earth Week Documentary Series includes internationally acclaimed films which are educationally focused and beautifully produced. These stunning films will ignite both challenge and high adventure for personal or group viewing. Sign-in to access this exciting Earth Week program year-round or add these films to your scheduled Earth Day events to spark a conversation. In partnership with the 2017 Earth Day Network campaign for Environmental and Climate Literacy.

Renewing the Collective Heart of Democracy

Films for the Planet is featuring a series of informative films and resources for those who are awakening to a renewed sense of civic duty, and who want to rev up their resistance and resilience toolkits. Ideal for community sharing, conversation and action. “Full engagement in the movement called democracy requires no less of us than full engagement in the living of our own lives.” - Parker Palmer

Rise of the Eco-Warriors

Can a documentary have measurable impact? YES! Often the best part of the story starts with collective action after the film is released. Receive exclusive FREE viewing details for Rise of the Eco-Warriors and review the Rise of the Eco-Warriors Impact Report - a dynamic data visualization and case study reporting on the remarkable global impacts of this vibrant story eco-system. The film, TV series and ground-breaking educational curriculum are exemplary – inspiring a movement that is ideally positioned to replicate solutions and help turn the tide on climate inaction. Viewing offer for a limited time only.

The Art of Hosting Film

Download this invaluable check list on how to plan, promote and facilitate a film event and group discussion. All around the world, people are sparking conversation by hosting screenings in living rooms, libraries, community settings and independent theaters.  Film can play a critical role as a catalyst for civic engagement, while providing incentives for fundraising, policy change, and action. By bringing your classroom, organization, community or faith group together to interact, you become part of an exciting social change momentum igniting collective solutions.

This Changes Everything

Watch This Changes Everything and listen to an interview with Dr. Reese Halter and David Witzel. Speaking the language of possibility and imagination, they ignite a timely conversation around topics aligned with the film: unearthing our hearts for nature, advancing climate as the peoples’ movement, crisis as the opportunity for innovation, and fostering the emergence of a regenerative economy. Filmed over 211 days in nine countries and five continents over four years, This Changes Everything is an epic attempt to re-imagine the vast challenge of climate change.

Rock Your Distribution Strategy

DVD’s are dead, life is a Stream. On Demand is ubiquitous, on your phone, handheld device, computer screens, you name it. Video on-demand streaming is the fastest growing segment of video viewing, forever changing how content is viewed and delivered. Download this resource which offers comparisons and suggestions to help indie filmmakers navigate this rapidly shifting landscape.

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