Genre: Documentary
1 hour 29 minutes
Available: Worldwide
Directed by
Amy Taylor, and
Executive Produced by Keegan Kuhn (Cowspiracy, What the Health), Suzy Amis Cameron (The Game Changers), Peter Eastwood (Diet Fiction, Takeout), Moby (Meat the Future), Jaine & Sailesh Rao (Cowspiracy, What the Health), and Jerome Boudot.

MILKED: White Lies in Dairy Land

MILKED: White Lies in Dairy Land is a feature documentary that exposes the whitewash of New Zealand’s multi-billion-dollar dairy industry.

A young activist goes deep into dairy land where he takes on the giants of New Zealand’s most powerful industry and reveals how the sacred cash-cow industry has been milked dry. His journey exposes not only the sustainability crisis and the dangerous denial of impending agricultural disruption but also what New Zealand and other countries can do to change their fate.

“A powerful wake-up call that the world is getting milked”
James Cameron, Filmmaker
#milkedfilm #milked

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