Genres: Documentary
Duration: 58 minutes
Subtitles: English
Availability: Worldwide
Director / Producer: Philip Hamilton
Diector Photography: Scott Wilson
Original Music: Armand Amar 

Ocean Souls

Ocean Souls is a captivating documentary that unveils the incredible intelligence lurking beneath the ocean’s surface. The film explores the family bonds, emotions, language, social dynamics, and intelligence of these magnificent creatures. “Ocean Souls” is not just a documentary; it’s an underwater odyssey that will leave you awe-inspired and deeply connected to the ocean and its inhabitants.

Cetaceans, those majestic creatures of the deep blue, have graced our planet for 50 million years, making them one of the most ancient mammal species to roam the Earth. In their remarkable evolutionary journey, they have evolved to become one of the most graceful and intelligent beings in the animal kingdom.

Unveiling Cetacean Intelligence

These oceanic creatures exhibit a level of cognitive ability that will challenge your understanding of life on earth. Through groundbreaking science, the film uncovers the parallel intelligence that cetaceans share with us, revealing a profound connection between our species and these enigmatic creatures.

Cetaceans communicate in ways that are nothing short of astonishing. “Ocean Souls” delves into their intricate language, revealing the complexity and nuance of their communication. They even have regional accents and dialects. Discover the secrets of their clicks, whistles, and songs, and be mesmerized by their ability to convey thoughts and emotions through sound. New science suggests that dolphins’ echolocation skills allow them to project an ‘auditory image’ to other members of their group – essentially a hologram of what they are seeing.

A Must-See for Ocean Lovers

Whether you’re an ocean enthusiast or simply curious about the mysteries of the deep, “Ocean Souls” will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the ocean and its incredible inhabitants. Prepare to be moved, inspired, and connected to the profound world beneath the waves.


  • Plastic pollution & heavy metals.
  • Noise pollution – Seismic blasting (mining/exploration)
  • Ship traffic noise
  • Wind farms
  • Fishing nets and ghost nets
  • Impact by boats
  • Climate change triggering reduction of food sources

Ocean Souls is an unprecedented collaboration. The film united over 100 filmmakers, the best scientists & leading experts and has won 16 international awards and been a finalist in several more. It is possibly the most awarded / nominated natural history documentary in 2020-21!.


Wildlife Conservation Film Festival: Best Ocean Film
International Ocean Film Festival: Wildlife Award 2021
Docs Without Borders Film Festival: Best of Show
Lonely Wolf Film Festival: Best Nature Documentary & Best Cinematography
Accolade Global Film Festival: Best of Show & Award of Excellence in Nature Wildlife
Accolade Global Film Humanitarian Awards: Outstanding Achievement Award
Vegas Movie Awards: Best Documentary Feature
Vegas Movie Awards: Social Awareness Award
Vegas Movie Awards: Best Director Feature Award
Vegas Movie Awards: Best Trailer
London Independent Film Awards: Best Picture & Best Documentary
Cannes International Independent Film Festival: Grand Prize and Best Cinematography
New York Movie Awards: Honourable mention for Feature Documentary

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