Genres: Documentary
Duration: 23 minutes
Availability: Worldwide

Our Planet Earth

OUR PLANET EARTH is love poem to the planet commissioned by the United Nations. Five decades ago, human beings first pierced the sky and stepped out, into the unknown of space. Seventeen Astronauts and Cosmonauts from ten countries share the awe of space travel and eloquently describe how going into space changed their relationship to our planet Earth. Ecological damage, now visible from space, concerns them all.

Going Beyond nationality and ideology, the experience of these space explorers speak to us all and to the global issues of our age. Amused and awestruck, childlike and scientific, they tell us that from space, all life on Earth appears to be one tightly integrated system.

The peaceful recognition of the Earth not as divided into conflicting nations and interests, but as one living entity, is also terrifying. On Earth, as in space, there are no boundaries. Pollution travels freely through the common air that bathes and protects the planet. Only a minute strip of atmosphere separates our delicate Earth from the infinite vacuum of space. Our destructiveness, now a geological force, is as vast as our wondrous technology.

Perhaps the Earth is unaware of us and our triumphs and tribulations, or perhaps we are its agents, sent to look upon ourselves, to survey the wonder and terror of our existence in the endless stillness.

Seventeen Astronauts and Cosmonauts from ten countries talk about the mysterious and fragile mother of all our lives, our only home: OUR PLANET EARTH.

Winner of the Blue Ribbon at the American Film & Video Festival (1991), the CINE Golden Eagle (1991), Finalist at the Houston Film Festival, and in Czechoslovakia, the Ekofilm Festival Grand Prize (1991).

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