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Films for the Planet (FFP) supports globally-connected storytelling that inspires generative discourse and positive action for the greater good. By connecting people to films, educational resources and learning experiences we assist them in their journey as catalysts for positive change.

If your organization is aligned in purpose and vision, please consider partnering with us. We offer creative services and solutions for networks, organizations and communities wishing to co-create educationally themed resources and events. Our globally-acclaimed documentaries and Art of Hosting Film guidelines allow people to connect with others and engage in thoughtful discussions and civic actions that add enormous value to our communities and our world.

To amplify the dynamic messages of artists and filmmakers, we design programs with hosted conversations that draw upon our network of luminary filmmakers and topical scholars for partner networks, organizations, and communities. We have produced unique events and presentations for SOCAP, Bay Area HUB’s, Sustainatopia, Earth Day Network, Virgo Productions, Charter for Compassion, SINE Network, Edmund Hillary Fellowship, Buckminter Fuller Design Science Studio, Transition US, Connectivity Project, Global Being Foundation, the Missouri History Museum and the Rights of Nature movement to name a few.

The FFP community receives access to the best transformational, environmental and social action documentaries on demand. Newsletter subscribers receive monthly emails on film series, interviews, e-books, and resources to engage with film as well as updates on new releases, insider information and free screenings.  Film for the Planet also provides strategic direction for media producers and supports filmmakers through promotion, fiscal sponsorship, P2P crowdfunding, as well as through innovative distribution strategies that inspires audiences to engage through conversation and informed action.

To become a partner of Films for the Planet:

  • For corporate partnerships please contact us directly at
  • For organizations, send mission statement, link and logo to
  • Please include Partner Name, address, contact info, and email with “Partner Request” in the email subject line.
  • Partners must share aligned goals and objectives and agree to partnership parameters. Please indicate partner category (descriptions below).
  • We encourage partners to use use the FFP logo with a link to our site.
  • We appreciate your kind effort in disseminating information about Films for the Planet’s documentaries and events to your network and wish to reciprocate by promoting your work.

Description of partnership levels:

Network Partners are networks and organizations who are aligned in values and mission and who have the capacity to co-weave shared vision and resources to accomplish like-minded goals. Network partnerships are invited, for example, to co-create thematic film conversations that are mutually beneficial, as well as to amplify and promote these collective efforts to advance our respective movements for the greater good. Network Partners receive promo packets which includes basic information for events and we are happy to support cross-promotional activities. Network Partners value relationship, trust and wisdom sharing as well as an open source cross-pollination of ideas and best practices.
Generative Alliances share a heart-centered resonance, aligned values and mission. We endorse and promote one another through a synergistic relationship of supportive dialog and co-creative possibility.
Films for the Planet’s collection of educational films offers unique learning opportunities for students, groups and individual lifelong learners. For teachers and facilitators, this includes exceptional films and documentaries that are accompanied by outstanding educational curricula. Our educational partners are seeking learning experiences that enhance traditional learning styles. We also welcome collaboration with those who are reshaping the distribution of knowledge through interactive virtual classrooms and connected learning environments, and which integrate alternative approaches such as P2P and project based learning, with on demand educational documentary resources.
Media partners are essentially indie media promoters and distributors, or content producers working with various forms of transmedia including cross-platform, social media, VR, film, documentaries, music, interactive storytelling, photography, art and journalism. They are connected to networks of relevant media producers and are aware of pivotal and newly created content that has high social impact and production value and which merits specialized engagement and distribution strategies.
Community Partners are practitioners working within the context of local communities by bringing people together through sustainability practices, community dialog, civic engagement, storytelling, and the arts. Their purpose is to help local communities find the common ground in an age of increased polarization, to help forge resilient and thriving economies, and to establish an ethos of trust, peace and compassion.
Ambassadors are individuals or groups desiring to facilitate group conversations around the catalyst of film. Possibilities include 1) Engaging your business, group or community in a movie mediation, group conversation or informed action. 2) Partnering with Films for the Planet which is part of Compathos a 501(c)3 nonprofit to crowdfund for a film or cause. 3) Partnering with Films for the Planet which is part of Compathos a 501(c)3 nonprofit to obtain the films educational and nonprofit Public Performance Rights (PPR) for your free events.

Check out our Art of Hosting Film Guidelines for screening a film in your community. Let us know how it goes – we would LOVE to share your results!  Love to moderate panels or conduct interviews in your area of expertise? Contact us for upcoming opportunities.

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