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Welcome to our Common Ground Post Screening Discussion

Common Ground is a new documentary that provides hope for future generations with concrete ways to fix an ailing planetary system. The documentary explores how regenerative agriculture, and the indigenous practices it’s rooted in, can help heal the soil, our health and the planet, and features renowned figures such as Rosario Dawson, Laura Dern, Donald Glover, Woody Harrelson, Jason Momoa, Ian Somerhalder and farmer Gabe Brown.

By fusing journalistic expose’ with deeply personal stories from those on the front lines of the food movement, Common Ground unveils a dark web of money, power, and politics behind our broken food system. The stories profile a hopeful and uplifting movement of farmers who are using alternative “regenerative” models of agriculture that enhance soil health, biodiversity, and reduce carbon emissions. These alternatives pave the way for an economically viable agricultural system and stable economy.

Not just a Film but a Solution-oriented Movement

We are excited to share our post-screening conversation which connects the dots between the many critical issues and promising solutions presented in the Common Ground documentary. What is regenerative agriculture and could it be the key to unlocking many of our global challenges? Can we create a nutrient dense food system that supports the health of people and planet? Can we address environmental degradation while stabilizing the climate? The new film Common Ground answers these questions and many more.

To amplify the film’s message and take a deeper dive into the regenerative movement, we invited a diverse cross-section of visionary leaders whose work is closely aligned with the themes in the film. We hope you enjoy exploring these rich narratives and the critical insights offered by our distinguished guests.

Ethan Roland Soloviev

Ethan is owner of High Falls Farm and the EVP of Research at HowGood, a leading global software company with the world’s largest database for food product and ingredient sustainability. With experience in 34 countries, Ethan is an international expert on regenerative agriculture, regenerative business, and permaculture design. His experience includes a year traveling around the world, exploring Sweden, Kazakhstan, Japan, New Zealand, and Chile, studying the global diversity of apples. Ethan brings a wealth of knowledge in innovation within agricultural systems, focusing on market growth and regenerative practices.

Elizabeth Whitlow

Elizabeth is the Executive Director of the Regenerative Organic Alliance, leading the Regenerative Organic Certified® program for food, textiles, and body care ingredients. With over two decades in organic agriculture, she advocates globally for regenerative practices vital for topsoil rejuvenation, carbon sequestration, and ecosystem health. Her influence extends through prestigious platforms like the Change Now conference, World Living Soil Forum, TedX, and SXSW, promoting equity and sustainability in farming.

Will Harris

Will, a fourth-generation farmer, operates White Oak Pastures in Georgia, a model of holistic, regenerative ranching. He is known for his transition from conventional to regenerative methods that prioritize  ecological and community restoration. Harris authored “A Bold Return to Giving a Damn: One Farm, Six Generations, and the Future of Food,” advocating against industrial, centralized, and commoditized agriculture. His farm, celebrated in major media like Forbes, The New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, BBC, and NBC champions a return to humane and environmentally conscious farming long before the term regenerative agriculture existed. 

Tina Owens

Tina serves as a Senior Advisor at the Nutrient Density Alliance. She applies her expertise to regenerative food systems as a board member, and is an organic and regenerative farmer. Tina has a rich history in business and sustainability, including two decades at two of the world’s largest food corporations. Her current efforts are dedicated to enhancing consumer access to nutrient-dense foods, raising awareness about the benefits of regenerative practices, and securing financing for on-farm transitions, thereby driving demand for a regenerative food system.

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Common Ground

Don’t miss this highly anticipated sequel to Josh and Rebecca Tickell’s groundbreaking documentary, Kiss the Ground, which won over 38 awards, and touched over 1 billion people globally, galvanizing a world-wide movement. What’s more, the film inspired the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to put $20 billion toward soil.

Common Ground

Producers / Directors: Josh Tickell, Rebecca Tickell Narrators: Laura Dern, Jason Momoa Cast: Rosario Dawson, Laura Dern, Screenwriters: Josh Tickell, Rebecca Tickell, Johnny O’Hara Common Ground is associated with the organization Kiss the Ground and focuses on environmental, climate and sustainability themes.
“Despite all of our differences, we all share a common ground, the soil in which we live upon. Given that most of our food is grown in the soil, unhealthy soil means unhealthy food. Our health is directly tied to what we consume, and as mentioned in the film, food is quite literally medicine.” ~ IMDb User Reviews “Common Ground is structured as a moving letter to the next generation that will inherit the Earth. ~ Greg Archer – Movie Web “Elegantly photographed and empowering.” ~ LA Weekly “That rare documentary that actually proposes solutions…practical solutions.” ~ FilmThreat

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