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Connectivity Project Virtual Premiere & Film Discussion


Film and Docuseries
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April 28 & May 3

Produced by Rose Madrone and Melissa Gregory Rue
Directed by Rose Madrone and Robert Consentino
Streaming:  45 mins
Seen on PBS

Join Films for the Planet’s Digital Premiere of Connectivity Project,
a documentary and short film series about the ripple effects of our actions in an interconnected world


Connectivity Project examines the idea of chaos theory and explores how our stories and actions can have a powerful ripple effect around the world.

How many times have you wondered, “Does what I do make a difference in the world?” Connectivity Project explores this ever-present question, in a visually stunning film and docuseries. Featuring tribal elders, noted scientists, and environmental activists, the series weaves connections between science, culture and spirituality. As we follow inspiring individuals who are making a difference in the lives around them, we see these connections come to life all around us.

Through speaker sessions and film discussions, we will unpack the butterfly effect metaphor and discover that even the smallest actions can have a large impact. How would we act if we saw the world differently?


In nature’s grand design, the vital connection between honey bees, our food supply and human society is boundless.  Our take action “Plants Have Wings” session will be devoted to discussing the steep challenges and practical ways we can support our local pollinators.


Fritjof Capra Physicist – Systems Thinker, Author
Lois Gibbs – Renowned Activist and Organizer
Ilarion Larry Merculieff – Aleut Wisdom Keeper
Jon Young Teacher – Tracker, Mentor, Author
Kendall Jensen – Teacher
Clarissa Howtopat – Student
Greg Dardis – Professor
Mace Vaughan – Xerces Society Outreach Coordinator
Kelly Green Guilbeau – Founder Milkweed Matters
Jacqueline Freeman – Beekeeper, Author
Matt O’Neal Pollination – Researcher and Scientist
David Gossman – Farmer


Watch entire film for FREE at your own pace from April 26 – May 3
The movie is available as three separate 15 minute short films, or as a 45-minute compilation.

Attend the live showing of Episode I – “Interconnections” and Episode II “Plants Have Wings”
followed by a panel discussion on April 28, 10:30 am PT and followed by a group discussion May 3, 11:30 am PT.

April 28 Panelists
Ilarion Merculieff – Indigenous Wisdom Keeper
Santana Rabang – Youth Activist
Reed Lievers – Pollinator Partnership
HOST: Thea La Grou – Films for the Planet
MODERATOR: Rose Madrone – Director / Producer Connectivity Project

The program includes additional films and a selection of Transformational Learning and Take Action Resources Including:
Access to the documentary: “Infinite Potential: The Life & Ideas of David Bohm”
The Story of the Noosphere Video Series
Works by authors Fritjof Capra, David Korten
The Work that Reconnects
In Search of Balance – On Demand
25+ Total Resources

These resources explore the synthesis of scientific breakthroughs such as the theory of complexity, Gaia theory, and chaos theory; which recognize that all living beings are members of ecological communities, bound together in networks of interdependencies.


Take a look inside the complex system of interactions of plants and pollinators. A colony of social insects is a “superorganism which has a symbiotic relationship to the ecosystem. Honey bees are known as a keystone species. The removal of a keystone species creates a ripple effect across the system that could destabilize the entire system. For humans this means the destabilization of food systems and economies. Learn how we can support our pollinators while bolstering local biodiversity.

 “Interconnections” (15 minutes) provides a background for chaos theory, examining instances of the existence of the butterfly effect appearing in various cultures and spiritual traditions from around the world. Matching this awareness with science we see how our modern culture can benefit from the wisdom inherent in blending of science and spirituality.

“Plants Have Wings” (15 minutes) delves deeper into the theory, giving more examples of interconnectedness in nature and society, such as the intricate network of pollinators, plants and our food chain. This conversation focuses on the challenges our pollinators face and the steps that we can take to support them.

Learn how you can host a screening and integrate Connectivity Project’s educational resources into your current work and community conversations. Great for organizations, public, community leaders, academic, and students to cultivate a sense of awe, belonging, responsibility, and ultimately seeing that what we each do makes a difference – even during challenging times.


“This is probably one of the most important projects on earth at this time. Its brilliance lies in its simplicity and its necessity. I was so deeply moved by this work. You have hit the core of not just the problem but of where we should all be focusing our attention.” – Jean Houston, Philosopher, Scholar, principle founder of the human potential movement

“It’s so well done – and inspiring.” – J Sawyer, Pulitzer Center Executive Director

“In these times of alienation and polarization, these films have an important message about how we are all connected.” – S Ames

“The films made my students realize how we are in a small or great way all connected.” – M. Hatfield, University Professor

“You never know how a single thing you do will affect others in the grand scheme of things. It causes me to think more before I act.” – Rob L, 10th Grade Student

JOIN the FREE Virtual Premiere
April 26 – May 3

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