How do I get involved?

Huge thanks to so many of you who have inquired about getting involved with Films for the Planet! Here you will find numerous ways to get involved.

Films for the Planet acts in a promotional capacity connecting people to films that will assist them in their journey as catalysts for positive change. We believe that documentaries provide opportunities for learning, conversation and informed action. We’ve seen film inspire awareness and ignite social movements time and again – we know amazing things are possible! Together we are ushering in a revolutionary era of digital cinema that hands the story over to audiences that will determine the outcomes of some of the most pressing issues of our time.

 1.) Signup for Films for the Planet’s newsletter to receive monthly updates about new releases, invites to virtual events and free viewings, interviews, e-books, educational materials, and useful resources for your community to engage with film. Click HERE to subscribe.

2.)  Watch a film, start a conversation. Check out our Art of Hosting Film guidelines for screening a film in your community.  Let us know how it goes – we would LOVE to share your results!  

3.) Become an ambassador or community organizer. Engage your group or community in a movie mediation, group conversation or taking action. Partner with Films for the Planet which is part of Compathos a 501(c)3 nonprofit to obtain the films educational and nonprofit Public Performance Rights (PPR) for your free events. We can also work with you to customize your online or offline film event.

4.) Share and comment on our social media. Got questions? We do our best to respond within 24 hours. Join or participate in a relevant Facebook or social media group and share films that will benefit the groups focus.

5.) Volunteer with us – we are seeking skilled assistance in PR, marketing, film reviews, interviewers, correspondents, and more.

6.) Board of Directors – requirements are annual giving, board meetings and 10-12 hours of monthly skilled service.  See VolunteerMatch for volunteer and Board service. 

7.) Have an organization with aligned values? Become a Partner  

8.) Filmmaker?  Have a film we should know about? Please let us know. If you a filmmaker in need of a fiscal sponsor – we can assist. Looking for some Impact, engagement and distribution strategies? Got you covered.

Contact us at


Why aren’t the films free?

Films for the Planet is part of Compathos 501(c)3 – an arts and media non-profit organization which produces media and works with artists and independent filmmakers who are working in the philanthropic, environmental  and social impact sectors. One of the many services we provide is the support of filmmakers through fiscal sponsorship and by highlighting their work and the causes their films represent.  We also offer educational programming for individuals, communities and non-profit networks.

As a nonprofit, we do not profit from showcasing these films, but act in a promotional capacity connecting people to films that will assist them in their journey as catalysts for positive change.  We regret that we cannot offer all free feature–length movies on our site. The licensing and hosting bandwidth required to do so is not affordable, so we work through third party hosting platforms such as Vimeo.

It is up to the filmmaker to decide how to market and distribute their film, some offer them for free online, but most high-quality films cannot afford to do so.  As filmmakers we are keenly aware of the expense that goes into making and marketing independent films.

Like many indie filmmakers, we depend on crowdfunding or donations to be able to produce our online film events and hope, that with your support, we can continue to do so for free as long as possible.  Click HERE to Donate

Check out our current film programs. At various time throughout the year, you are invited to attend our streaming film series and view free films. Thanks to the generous support of the executive producers and distributors of these films, we have been able to stream dozens of free films for those registering to our events. 








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