Media Coalition for Peace and Compassion

The Media Coalition for Peace and Compassion (MCPC) is being activated in partnership with the Charter for Compassion International to further the Charter’s existing mission of fostering a more compassionate world.  The objective is to create a supportive environment for communicators to explore positive solutions to negative media trends, which are directly affecting personal well-being and democratic freedoms around the world.  Because of these trends, our civic narrative has become increasingly reactionary and counter-productive.  Our dealings with one another reflect this undercurrent as civic dialogues on issues affecting our collective future are marked by division, fear, blame, and mistrust.  Solution-oriented narratives are needed to build bridges and to help us envision the world we know in our hearts is possible.

The Media Coalition for Peace and Compassion seeks to shed light on the importance of restorative and compassion-based news, connected learning environments, community-based story, and indie and citizen media in cultivating an informed planetary society. MCPC also seeks to network with those protecting free speech and First Amendment rights and strives to encourage and support an emerging positive news paradigm.


We aim to bring together a diverse group of media organizations, visionaries, practitioners, theorists, and community storytelling facilitators who have a vision for restorative narrative as an antidote for the complex tensions of our times.  We want to hear from those working in the field – to learn about challenges as well as what is working.   First and foremost, our goal is to build community providing a safe place to gather while forming a collective intention to open up cross-sector perspectives and collaboration.  This group will form discussions and webinars as well as provide resources for individuals, communities and partner organizations. To participate contact

Creative programming underway includes:  Contemplative Media Series

In a culture of fast media, negative and fake news, we can easily become overwhelmed and distracted. The Contemplative Media Series is designed to cultivate resilient communities and an informed citizenry in times of uncertainty. Empathy created through storytelling is an instrument for social cohesion. By bringing us together to be transformed by active listening and learning, and by reflecting on our own diverse stories – our hearts can be renewed to pursue our dreams for a more beautiful world, re-frame our hope for positive solutions and respond to the call of collective action.

With increased knowledge of our current media landscape and resulting cultural milieu, we can identify and transcend the unending drama and distractions. By building bridges through cross-cultural understanding we can focus on existing solutions and help individuals and communities move toward an increased global coherence that celebrates our universal connectivity and unifies our hearts through peace and compassion.  To participate contact






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