This powerful film was crafted specifically for COP28, capturing the profound journey of Kogi mamos—esteemed spiritual leaders—who visited Greenland as part of their sacred mission to restore balance to our planet. Originally intended to resonate with the leaders at the summit, this video has unexpectedly captivated a global audience, going viral. Its widespread impact suggests it strikes a profound chord within us all. As you engage with this message, we encourage you to hold fast to the belief that solutions are within our reach. Let us move forward together, not in fear, but with hope and collective action, to forge a path to a more balanced world. Join us in making a meaningful difference.

“We, the Kaggabba nation, are here to tell a story”

“We tell the creation stories and their importance in the creation of the World up until the times we live in now. We have observed that today something has changed on earth in the way that the duties, tasks, and commitments we were left to follow by the father Aluna Jabe and the mother Aluna Jabe have not been followed up in a proper way.”

Dear Relatives, Friends, and Community,

We are writing to you from the shared space in our hearts that has been touched by the Mamos’ message from Mother Earth. This message is moving around the world and has been felt deeply by many. We thank you for listening. We thank you for sharing your willingness with us, and showing your desire to be a part of this movement to protect and honor our Mother Earth. Thank you for being here!

We want to clarify where the message comes from as it has been taught to us. It comes from the Kogi (the Kaggabba). This is how they have shared:

“THE MESSAGE is not coming through an authority or through a specific person, it comes through the Mother of the Shikuajala, through the Father of the Shikuajala, and in that way, we send it to you. It comes through the Shikuajala, which is what sustains all law that is in the Universe. Through the message of the Mother, we are informing you. The message comes from the heart of the world. Through an internal consultation made by the Kaggabba. This message comes from the voice of the thunder. The thunder was the translator. In this way, it was given to the Mamos, and then we give it to you. The message was received in a private consultation that was delivered to the Fountain team on November, 2023.”

“We, the Kaggabba, have made a pause in our usual activities so we can be of aid in these times. We require all of you to work for this. To be of help, so that the sacred places on earth can restore and help the Mother with the work she does, as she replenishes and feeds all life on earth and into the universe, so all can continue.”

Together we all want to honor the Mother and show her that we are listening and ready to act.

The importance of the recuperation of the sacred territories and sacred sites of the Kaggabba nation is needed, so that order and balance can be reestablished through that connection which will help the balance on earth. That is why many elders around the world are working so closely with organizations and individuals that are helping to return the land to the Original Caretakers.

What Can You Do Now?

Each of us plays a crucial role in honoring Mother Earth, as guided by deep listening and the wisdom of our elders. Many are already engaged in regenerative projects that contribute to our planet’s healing, while others share transformative teachings within their families and communities. These initiatives call us to transcend colonized mindsets and embrace a life rooted in heart, reciprocity, collaboration, unity, and the sacredness of all life. Our elders urge us to “light yourselves up” and bring our endeavors to full fruition, enhancing the healing impact for all.

Practical Steps Forward:

The Kaggabba elders have provided specific guidance to inspire and activate our collective efforts:

EARTH DAY Discussion Replay

 with Jyoti Ma, Jul Bystrova, Eleonora Ascencio Dahl

How Can We Help Mother Earth?

  • Resource Mobilization: We are engaging with philanthropists, organizations, and movements to secure the necessary resources for the Kaggabba Nation and other Original Peoples. Our goal is to initiate significant healing projects by July 2024.
  • Land Trust Support: Efforts are underway to support land trusts that restore the Kaggabba’s custodianship over their ancestral lands, thereby reestablishing ecological balance and spiritual connection.
  • Global Awareness Events: In collaboration with platforms like Unity.Earth, we are organizing a global event for the summer solstice to elevate consciousness and foster collective healing. Updates on this initiative will be provided as they develop.

This journey of restoration and connection is ongoing. We draw upon our creativity and the insights of our elders to illuminate our path forward. In this moment of awakening, your active participation is essential. Together, we can move towards greater harmony with each other and with our earth.

With gratitude and love, we recognize each of your contributions to this vital awakening.

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