Genres: Documentary
Duration: 1 hour 2 minutes
Availability: Worldwide
Filmmaker: Katie Teague
Produced by Storm Cloud Media


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RE:MEMBER  – where grief and beauty co-exist. Years after her son’s tragic death, a bereaved mother is on an impassioned mission to un-silence grief in our modern culture that has buried and forgotten the essential art of grieving. Interviews with Francis Weller, Joanne Cacciatore, and Ted Wiard.

Frances Weller has brought together indigenous teachings and written beautifully about the wisdom and importance of grieving. His books include “The Threshold between Loss and Revelation.” and “The Wild Edge of Sorrow” where he names five “Gateways to Grief”. Rather than analyzing what we might grieve for, the intention is to recognize and honor varied sources of grief:

  • Sorrows of the world – our natural suffering when we see the suffering of others, the destruction of nature and beauty, when our hopes for future generations are dented or broken.
  • Places which have not known love – the places in us which need loving attention, past hurts, traumas or abuse.
  • Ancestral trauma – what comes down to us from previous generations, unhealed trauma, shame, patterns of violence, avoidance and more.
  • Everything we love we will lose – people, relationships, identity, health, roles, pets, even life itself. The nature of life is that we lose all of these – sometimes to make space for something new, and sometimes with the finality of aging or death.
  • What we expected on arrival and did not receive – loving holding, an vibrant community of adults that know how to make peace and support the next generation, a world that sees and welcomes us.. many of us carry deep longings that modern society fails to meet – and has no way of acknowledging.


Good Grief Network (GGN) is a nonprofit organization that brings people together to metabolize collective grief, eco-distress, and other heavy emotions that arise in response to a daunting planetary crisis. Their unique 10-Step Program helps individuals and communities build resilience by creating spaces where people can lean into their painful feelings about the state of the world and reorient their lives toward meaningful action. The Good Grief Network creates spaces to gather in community, process the painful feelings and realities of our time, and commit to meaningful action.

GGN’s Affiliate Facilitation Training Intensive is a 12-hour training for the representatives of organizations that want to run a 10-Step Program within their communities.This program offers a path out of despair and burnout and helps people regain a sense of connection and personal agency. The FLOW Facilitation Training is for individuals.

Grief Tending shares insights about grief, especially grieving together. In the absence of traditions from our own culture we are learning from others whose traditions are still intact, as well as bringing modern insights, and attempting to weave ways of expressing grief together that are accessible, meaningful and beautiful.

The Work That Reconnects, created by Joanna Macy helps people discover and experience their innate connections with each other and the self-healing powers of the web of life, transforming despair and overwhelm into inspired, collaborative action. See their UK based facilitator training for this work.

Active Hope – How to face the mess we’re in without going crazy” – is a book and website offering study programs, online courses, and group processes that brings people together in gratitude and enables them to work with a renewed sense of interconnection and motivation.

The book Coming Back to Life is used by many as a resource for suggested practices for workshops.

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