Each inspiring documentary featured on Films for the Planet touches on one or more of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). Through our newsletters, we feature films that are aligned with the SDG’s and offer additional educational resources to complement these films as a means for deeper learning about global challenges and opportunities. SAMPLE HERE

Here are five excellent resources for educators interested in teaching the SDG’s:

Microsoft Learning’s short course which has been designed for educators and all those who would like to teach children and young people about the Sustainable Development Goals, commonly known as the Global Goals. It is intended to support the teaching of the World’s Largest Lesson and all other efforts to educate and engage children and young people so that they support the Sustainable Development Goals and want to turn their support into action.

Resource examples:


Teach SDG’s  – the Global Goals Educator Task Force, in partnership with the United Nations, aims to strengthen the voice of the Educator in their sessions, meetings, and events pertaining to the Sustainable Development Goals. They seek a world where every child learns about the inspiring Global Goals — and we welcome any and all partners and opportunities that move us all closer to this objective. We recruit teachers, gather data, cherish ideas, and submit recommendations directly to the UN annually. Passionate about policy, advocacy, innovation, design thinking, and best practices in global education, we bring diverse perspectives and deep commitment to the SDGs and the children of our world.

Resource Examples:


Practical Action has produced a range of different materials to support teachers in helping pupils understand the Global Goals and their targets;  why they are important in reducing world poverty, and how pupils can take action themselves to help achieve them. Practical  Their website includes free resources for schools, including a templates, teachers’ notes, and other materials that support teaching the SDGs to pupils aged 7-18.

Resources Examples


Participate  Transform Our World series supports and celebrates educators who want to integrate the Global Goals into their academic curricula. They add a new course each month, and teachers can build toward a Global Goals Microcredential.  By integrating the SDGs into your curriculum, you can build relevance and give your students participatory agency– bringing academic learning to life and sparking their passions.  When students explore and solve real-world problems, they are building and applying knowledge in an academically rigorous way while developing their skills and mindsets as global citizens.

You can register as a member to review and locate thematic content aligned with specific goals. To rent or buy on demand, most films featured on Films for the Planet require a Vimeo account. We also recommend visiting the films website to check for educational licensing. Some films require a licensing fee, some include it in their Vimeo pricing, and others waive fees.

It is our hope that these films will offer opportunities that enhance traditional methods of learning. Send us your story- we love hearing about ideas and experiences with film and the SDG’s.


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