Engage your friends, businesses or communities in world changing documentaries! Join Films for the Planet for exclusive access to our Art of Hosting Film guidelines at the Members Circle.

All around the world, people are sparking conversation by hosting screenings in living rooms, libraries, community settings and independent theaters. Film can ignite movements, bridge build and play a critical role as a catalyst for civic engagement, while providing incentives for fundraising, policy change, and informed action. By bringing your classroom, organization, community or faith group together to interact, you become part of an exciting social change momentum igniting collective solutions.

Learn how you can discover affinity with like-minded — or better yet, not so like-minded people in your community. We offer in-depth tips on facilitating group discussion, finding the common ground and nurturing creative collaboration.

Review our comprehensive planning checklist that includes the film selection process, planning for discussions, reaching out to sponsors, licensing, venue selection, equipment and much more.  

Our checklist carefully guides you through the promotional aspect – everything from publicity options to press releases and social media outreach.  We offer the best fail-safe advice for pre-screening technical checks to help you create a seamless experience. 

Topics include:

  • Why Host a Film?
  • Discover Affinity
  • Comprehensive Planning Checklist
  • How to Best Promote
  • How to Facilitate a Group Discussion
  • How to Support Creative Collaboration
  • Crowdfunding Options
  • Pre-Screening
  • Have fun!

 Click HERE access the Art of Hosting Film guidelines at the Members Circle 

CONTACT US to become a film ambassador in your community. Connect with ambassadors creating impact around the world. Possibilities include: 1) Engaging your business, group or community in a movie mediation, group conversation or informed action. 2) Partnering with Films for the Planet which is part of Compathos a 501(c)3 nonprofit to crowdfund for a film or cause. 3.) Partnering with Films for the Planet to obtain the films educational and nonprofit Public Performance Rights (PPR) for your event. 4.) Creating events to highlight your work or the work of your organization with the catalyst of film. 5) Contact us – we can help customize your online or offline film event. 

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