Duration: 1 hour 19 minutes
Director: Caiius Clark
Produced By Emmett Brennan, Nicholas Brennan
Written & Directed by Emmett Brennan
Cinematography & Editing Emmett Brennan
In Association With Namaste Foundation, RSF Social Finance Assistant

Reflection: a walk with water

The conditions that make life possible are rapidly changing. Reckoning with this reality on the cusp of a record-setting dry season, Reflection: a walk with water filmmaker, Emmett Brennan, embarks on a powerful journey to find stories of hope and healing. Brennan sets out to walk 200 miles next to the iconic Los Angeles aqueduct. Along the way he encounters cultural leaders, ecological iconoclasts, and indigenous wisdom keepers who are re-envisioning our relationship to water. The water cycle is being broken, they say, and the consequence is an increasingly erratic and uninhabitable planet.

Through a series of intimate vignettes, ‘Reflection: a walk with water’ offers essential guidance for reviving this cycle. The award-winning film highlights transformational stories from LA and other parts of California and makes widespread ecological healing seem well within reach. Providing deep insight into the inseparability of water and life, ‘Reflection’ helps equip our minds and hearts for the important work ahead.

Reflection features an original song written and performed by multiple Grammy-winning artist, Jacob Collier. It was co-written with the film’s composer, Justin Kauflin.



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The film is distributed by Bullfrog Films, which offers Educational and Institutional Licensing for educational use. More information on licensing and distribution can be found on the distributor’s website: CLICK HERE

“A thoughtful, informative, provocative, and inspirational film. Brennen challenges us to consider the manner in which our ill-planned development goals and strategies have created a less resilient environment, especially in the context of water availability, significantly increasing our susceptibility to environmental disasters under a new climate regime. While he asks the viewer to consider what would happen if we designed our lives around water in a radically different way, his film cleverly shows us that the solution isn’t so radical as it may appear for those who know their history and science.”—Kurt Schwabe, Associate Dean and Professor, Environmental Economics and Policy, University of California-Riverside, Co-Editor, Drought in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions: A Multi-Disciplinary and Cross-Country Perspective

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