Seeding Change
Genres: Documentary
Director & Writer: Richard Yelland
Duration: 51 minutes
Availability: Worldwide

Seeding Change: The Power of Conscious Commerce

Seeding Change: The Power of Conscious Commerce is the story about a group of young social entrepreneurs who started a company to sustainably harvest açaí berries in the Brazilian Amazon, and who became part of a movement of purpose-driven companies looking to change the world through an alternative economic model. By measuring success not only financially but also socially and environmentally, businesses practicing “conscious commerce” offer solutions to some of today’s most pressing social and environmental issues.

Seeding Change: The Power of Conscious Commerce award-winning documentary empowers viewers to be part of the solution by “voting with their dollars” and supporting brands and products that align with their values and make positive changes for the planet.

“I’ve been fortunate with my work to witness the power of sustainability documentaries and how film can change paradigms and even history. Seeding Change, is no doubt my most challenging in that it seeks solutions to the biggest problem humanity has ever faced, the climate crisis. However, there is a beautifully simple solution right at our fingertips. Empowering consumers to purchase from those companies that have solutions built into their business models is how we can make immediate and positive change for our planet.” ~ RICHARD YELLAND Director & Producer


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Whether you want to start a movement, fundraise, create policy change, or inspire action–film is the catalyst to bring your classroom, organization, or community together to learn, interact and ignite collective solutions.

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Seeding Change is distributed by Roco Films, which offers Educational and Institutional Licensing for educational use. More information on licensing, public performance rights, and virtual screenings can be found on the distributor’s website:

The film’s official website provides information about voting with your dollar and spending your money on products from brands whose practices align with your values.The website provides several action items and guidelines to get involved with conscious commerce, including supporting local businesses, joining a community-supported agriculture (CSA) program, switching to regenerative energy sources, reducing waste and plastic use, and supporting fair trade and triple-bottom-line companies.




organizations working on water conservation, advocating for policy changes, and taking individual actions to reduce water usage. More information can be found on the film’s website:

The distributor’s website also provides a discussion guide that can be used for educational or group activities. The guide can be downloaded for free here:


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“A powerful film that highlights the impact of conscious commerce on communities and the environment. Highly recommended.” – IndieWire

“This film does an excellent job of demonstrating the power of consumers to drive social and environmental change through their purchasing decisions.” – Conscious Company Media

“Seeding Change is a call to action that inspires and empowers viewers to make a difference through their daily choices.” – Green Living Magazine



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More options can be found on the film’s website:

The film’s official website provides links to several affiliated organizations that support conscious commerce, including Fair Trade Campaigns, B Lab, and the Sustainable Business Network. Visitors can donate directly to these organizations through their websites.

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