Terraforming the Desert- Regenerating Ecosystems Series with Neal Spackman
Genres: Documentary, Instructional
Duration: 6 hours 59 minutes
Availability: Worldwide

Terraforming the Desert- Regenerating Ecosystems Series with Neal Spackman 

How do you convert one of the hottest, driest climates on earth into an ecosystem which can support a whole tribe of people? In our three-part Ecosystem Regeneration series, led by Neal Spackman, will answer all of those questions and more. Neal Spackman faced one the most challenging climates on the planet when he started managing the Al Baydha Project in Saudia Arabia.

How do you repair lifeless rock into living soil?

Over the course of six years, he has worked with settled nomads to convert a desolate site into a functioning system that creates soil, sequesters carbon, and increases groundwater levels.

Part 1, 10 Keys to Greening the Desert,
In this webinar Neal will take you through 10 keys on how to terraform any desert back to life with Regnerative Farming.

Part 2: Terraforming the Desert (The Science and Practice of Terraforming)
In the second part of our series, Neal will dive deep into the science and practice of how he has been able to start terraforming the Saudia Arabian desert with his own kind of tree crop farming. Learn about a type of Watershed management which could transform certain deserts across the world.

Part 3: People Systems and Cultural Framework
As climate is the foundation for our ecological designs, culture must be the foundation for our people designs. In this presentation, Neal will present a framework he uses for understanding foreign cultures, working within foreign cultures, and leading cultural change. This will eliminate the one-size fits all approach that many people take to “People Care” in permaculture and give you a framework for adapting social systems to local preferences and conditions.

How do you terraform one of the harshest deserts on Earth into a productive Ecosystem?

Whether you’re interested in large scale ecosystem regeneration, growing food in a dryland future, or starting a farming project in the desert, this webinar will have something for you.

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