Genre: Short Documentary
Duration: 7 minutes
Directed by: Desmond Simon
Produced through the Common Ground Project, a partnership between Community Forests International, Ulnooweg Development Group, and the Family Forest Network of Nova Scotia.

The Borer and the Basket

The ash trees of the Wabanaki Forest bear spiritual, ceremonial, and economic importance to Indigenous people in the area, but the emerald ash borer ― an invasive beetle species ― is currently decimating these trees and threatening a way of life. This film weaves personal stories with the latest research, following the basket makers and experts who are trying to preserve the forest before it’s too late.


Standing Trees (9 minutes)

How do you measure the value of a forest? Enter Robinson Conservation Forest, a naturally diverse Wabanaki forest in the Wolastoq watershed in central New Brunswick, on the east coast of Canada / Turtle Island. This special forest and the people connected to it push us to see beyond the timber value of a forest—to see the forest beyond the trees. From carbon storage to flood mitigation to family connections and cultural traditions, forests like this are vital to the identity and well-being of our communities.




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