Genres: Documentary, Instructional
Duration: 1 hour 525 minutes
Subtitles: 10 languages + Show
Availability: Worldwide

The Permaculture Orchard: Beyond Organic

The Permaculture Orchard: Beyond Organic is an educational film that will teach you how to set up your own permaculture orchard at any scale. Recognizing the limitations of the organic model as a substitute to conventional fruit growing, this film proposes a more holistic, regenerative approach based on permaculture principles.

Based on 20 years of applied theory and trial and error, biologist and educator Stefan Sobkowiak shares his experience transforming a conventional apple orchard into an abundance of biodiversity that virtually takes care of itself. The concepts, techniques and tips presented in this film will help you with your own project, whether it is just a few fruit trees in your urban backyard, or a full-scale multi-acre commercial orchard.

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