The Response

Genre: Documentary, Short film
Duration: 29 minutes
Available: Worldwide
Produced and Narrated by Tom Llewellyn
Directed by Juan Carlos Dávila
Written, Edited, and Sound design by Robert Raymond
A Shareable Production

The Response

In the wake of Hurricane Maria, a quiet revolution has been percolating on the island of Puerto Rico. What began as an impromptu community kitchen meant to help feed survivors in the town of Caguas quickly grew into an island-wide network of mutual aid centers with the ultimate goal to restore power — both electric and civic — to the people.

“The Response” explores how these mutual aid centers (Centros de Apoyo Mutuo – also known as CAMs) sprung up across the island. The film gives voice to those involved in these bold grassroots relief efforts by sharing their stories of the devastating storm, the recovery, and the movement for popular power that emerged in response.

Acting as an excellent example of what community-led disaster response and recovery can look like, the CAMs focus on the needs and abilities of the people and provide an avenue for the general public to participate in mutual aid, not charity. As a result, the grassroots relief efforts and the movement for popular power is continuing to emerge.

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