Genre: Documentary Short
Duration: 24 minutes
Availability: Worldwide
From: Happen Films
Directed and written by Jordan Osmond & Antoinette Wilson Produced by Antoinette Wilson Cinematography and editing by Jordan Osmond

Incredible 1.5-Acre Permaculture / Syntropic Food Forest

Syntropic farming is a new and ancient permaculture practice that can be implemented in any region, in any climate, in limitless ways – even in your own back yard. In Thriving Syntropic Food Forest, we learn how for over a decade the Lotz-Keegan family have been implementing permaculture practices to regenerate a degraded hillside into an abundant food forest of native and exotic trees that feed their family, their community, the wildlife, the soil, and their souls.

Combining the practices of syntropic agroforestry with the principles of permaculture and their own deeply thoughtful approach to land regeneration, food growing, and lifestyle, this family is partnering with nature to create a humming diversity on the land and a positive story about the role of humans in an eco-system.

Film #2 – Amazing 23-Year-Old Permaculture Food Forest – An Invitation for Wildness
In the small town of Riverton at the bottom of New Zealand’s South Island is Robert and Robyn Guyton’s amazing 23-year-old food forest. The 2-acre property has been transformed from a neglected piece of land into a thriving ecosystem of native and exotic trees where birds and insects live in abundance.

Film #3 – Magical Permaculture Food Forest – Growing Wild Together
In “Growing Wild Together” after five years, we return to the nearly 30-year-old food forest to find out what has changed in the forest and for the people who live there.

Robyn and Robert’s forest garden is home to countless forms of life, from trees and plants to birds, fish, and insects, and of course the humans who live amongst it all, in harmony. Since we first visited, the couple have developed new projects, one of them reviving an old trade route, to help create food resilience for the nearby rural communities.

In the film, Robert says he’s convinced that the food forest model will be one of the most important models for creating a resilient future on Earth. He maintains we must learn to be loved by the forest. Here is a film to inspire love for our forests and everything they generously gift us!

Film #4  City Permaculture Garden

The Plummery is a suburban home where a backyard permaculture garden measuring only 100sq/m (1076 sq feet) produces over 400kg/900 pounds of food year-round!  Kat Lavers describes her approach to gardening, including vertical and biointensive growing, and how important it is – and possible! – for city dwellers to be food resilient in the face of natural, financial and social crises.

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Learn more about the why and how of syntropic farming as it’s practised at PermaDynamics. Watch the full interview with Klaus Lotz, and all 10 full-length interviews, some of which couldn’t be included in the film, on Happen Films Patreon page.

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