Duration: 1 hour
Availability: Worldwide

Underwater Film – The Living Ocean  

The Living Ocean is a relaxing journey through the tropical Indo-Pacific Ocean showing the colorful life underwater. On our voyage, we glide over spectacular coral reefs, float with turtles in crystal clear, blue water and swim through millions of sardines. Move through habitats of seagrass, where seahorses and pipe-fish find a perfect hideout. And encounter magnificent, glowing creatures on an extraordinary night dive. Watch Clownfish slipping through their waving home of anemones and marvel at the delicate shapes of the coral. Tiny shrimps with intricate patterns and vivid colors and slowly swaying whale sharks complete the assembly of creatures from  the richest nature reserve the world has to offer: the Ocean. The hour-long Living Ocean film will transport you to this other world and can be viewed with either music, natural sounds of the sea, or a mix of both.

“This film is a relaxing under water movie with music or sounds from the sea, perfect for switching off from everyday’s life struggle. From impressive fish life, impressions from the sun, reflecting sun rays underwater to large coral carpets, and various movements of the fish and coral species, everything the ocean has to offer can be found here. The film invites to dream … A few minutes away from it all with this film is more than possible.” ~  Peter from Wales

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