Genre: Documentary
14 minutes
Produced by
Academy and Emmy Award-Winning Producer, Jeffrey D Brown. Medicine Wheel Films.
Filmed and Edited by Daniel “El Suchi” Garcia with support from an extended film crew

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Wisdom Weavers of the World

Thirteen Indigenous Elders from around the world come together to co-create a message for humankind that weaves the wisdom of diverse cultures and life-ways. These Wisdom Weavers uncover one common thread: for humanity to survive, we must shift our consciousness from the mind to the heart.

Inspired by the vision of Alaskan Unangan traditional and environmental leader, Ilarion (Kuuyux) Merculieff, the Elders gathered for four days on the island of Kaua’i, Hawai’i. In council, ceremony and deep listening they gathered to remember the wisdom of the original instructions on how to live as real human beings in harmony with the Earth and all Earth relatives.

Over ten thousand years ago, Elders knew that a great imbalance was coming, so the original instructions of how-to live-in harmony as one Earth family were partially hidden by a wave of forgetting to keep them safe. It is time NOW, many Elders from around the world agree, to reweave the original instructions by coming together and sharing their unique cultural ways that are each a piece in the puzzle with much overlapping wisdom.

With Earth’s living systems being stressed and dishonored in new extremes, we must come together to weave a new story and new awakened presence as one Earth family in harmony with all of our relations, if human beings are to continue on this Earth.

A unified message for humanity

In this time of great uncertainty, the Elders are calling all of humanity back home to the heart.

Wisdom Weavers of the World is a gateway into ongoing connection with Elders and people of like mind and heart around the world to join for virtual gatherings and to create inspirational content, future films and videos, as well as collaborations with organizations of like mind & heart.

Film producer of Connectivity Project, Rose Madrone, interviews Ilarion “Larry” Merculieff — who is the founder of Global Center for Indigenous Leadership and Lifeways, and the founder and visionary behind Wisdom Weavers.

“We have a greeting amongst our people, we say, Angwah. We greet each other like that all the time; it means, “Hello my other self.” We are exactly made up of the same consciousness, the same essence, the same life force as each other. – Larry Merculieff

Ilarion was raised in a traditional Unangan (Aleut) way and received his Unangan name “Kuuyux” at age four. The name is given to one person in each lifetime among his people. Kuuyux means an arm extending out from the body, a carrier of ancient knowledge into modern times, a messenger. Today he is living the legacy of his name.


“Tunun Kayutukun: Words Have Power” by Ilarion (Larry) Merculieff and Libby Roderick

Indigenous Languages are powerful because they reflect an intimate connection with nature.  READ ARTICLE>


VOICES OF THE WISDOM KEEPERS is a new documentary featuring four prolific indigenous elders from Turtle Island (North-America) and West Africa sharing wisdom-keys for creating a better world for future generations.

Watch the trailer, the extended preview, and hear from the filmmaker, Quincy Davis (videos below).

CLICK HERE to learn about the film’s educational initiative which bridges elder teachings with the younger generation through a new, dynamic education model which combines modern mythology, talking circles and creative expression workshops.

“The Yup’ik Elders, they are the southern Eskimo in Alaska and they call this the “reverse society” or the “inside-out society”. They say, with legitimacy, we’ve reversed all the laws of living. We used to teach how to live, now we teach how to make a living. We used to honor the elders, now we honor youth and being young. The heart used to tell the mind what to do, now the mind tells the heart what to do. We live in a society that’s totally in the head. Before, the brain would serve as an agent to fulfill that which comes from the heart. Now people have forgotten how to listen to the heart. They can’t tell if it’s the heart or the mind talking. The real human being lives from the heart, the heart is the only thing that is present – the brain and what goes through the mind is never present it is always in the past of the future– it is never now.” ~ Larry Merculieff


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