Genres: Documentary
Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes
Availability: Worldwide
Filmmaker: Paul Howard
Year of release: 2020

Infinite Potential: The Life & Ideas of David Bohm

David Bohm was one of the 20th Century’s most brilliant physicists. Albert Einstein called him his spiritual son. The Dalai Lama relied upon him as his “science guru.” So why is it that hardly any of us know the name: David Bohm? Today, as scientists are conducting experiments to prove the existence of the Quantum Potential, which could revolutionize human thought and our relationship to the planet, David Bohm could soon become a household name.

“Every so often a film comes along that awakens the soul and shakes up the human Psyche; 2001, Koyannisqatsi and Charles Eames’ Power of Ten. To that list we can now add Paul Howard’s “Infinite Potential”. ~ Dana C. White from The Myth Salon

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Beshara Magzine
Director Paul Howard talks about his new film on a remarkable scientist whose vision of wholeness and interconnectivity is now reaching a wide audience

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